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29th March, 2010

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A couple of bugs fixed in UTF-8 to WX (and vice-versa) conversion. The modified jar file has been uploaded on

28th March, 2010

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Update 1 released for the Sanchay version 0.4.0 on

This is a minor update, so you can just download the jar file and replace the old one (in the Sanchay/dist directory) with this one.

There are the following changes/additions in this release:

1. In the Syntactic Annotation interface, when you open a raw text file (simple text without any annotation), the tokenizer that runs will now take into account the old Hindi/Sanskrit sentence/shloka/verse marker (e.g. ।। 1 ।।).

2. You can now convert the encoding of a syntactically annotated file, not just that of a simple text file. This facility has been connected to the Syntactic Annotation interface. (Click on the More button after opening a file).

18th March, 2010

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I have released the binary for the 0.4.0 version of Sanchay on Sourceforge. I will release the source code later.

The file released is a zip file containing complete Sanchay. For the next few minor releases, I will only release the jar file (and source code, if possible). The jar file in the current zip file can then be replaced with the new jar file to update your copy of Sanchay from 0.4.0 to, say, 0.4.1. For very minor changes, I will put the jar file on

The releases should also be available from the previous location for latest builds.

15th March, 2010

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The Sanchay Home has now moved to Also, the Sourceforge UNIX name of Sanchay is now sanchay, instead of nlp-sanchay. Thus, the Sourceforge project page is now, instead of Due to this, you might find that some links are not going where they went earlier, especially if you are coming from search engines (the Google page shows the old link). I have updated in many places (as have Sourceforge people on their side), but there might still be problems in some places. But if you start from the new Sanchay Home, most of the things should be accessible.

If you are one of the users of Sanchay, it would be helpful if you let me know and (even better) send some feedback, list of bugs found, suggestions for new facilities, suggestions for modifications etc.